To ensure youth recognition as a key stakeholder in the water sector.
To raise youth awareness about water issues.
To strengthen youth capacities to act for water.
To coordinate youth actions for water, at a local, watershed and international level.


 The World Youth Parliament for Water is a youth network acting for water around the world since 2002. This network of young people acts for water at all levels : from local communities, where they implement concrete actions to the United Nations General Assembly, where they advocate for youth participation in the water sector. The WYPW was initiated and is coordinated by the International Secretariat for Water.

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The World Youth Parliament for Water is composed of three main organs:

The young members are at the heart of the WYPW, as a network of young people, for young people and led by young people. Each is responsible for implementing the aforementioned activities locally in their home country. The WYPW have 13 representatives elected through a democratic process: 2 per continent and 3 at the world scale. They are the members of the Board.

The Secretariat, coordinated by ISW, guarantees the smooth running of operation. It is supporting the
youth actions and the strategic planning. It is dealing with administrative and institutional matters.

The International Committee is setting the guidelines for the WYPW.



Youth Parliamentarians are WYPW members selected to represent their region and country at the triennial WYPW General Assembly (GA) and commit to act for water for at least the three years of their mandate.


Every year, new water parliaments are created or join our network. We encourage and guide our members to join or initiate water parliaments either at the national level, or a more regional level, wether is it at the watershed or political frontier.

Each existing water parliaments are listed and below, where you can learn more information about them or reach out to them.

  • Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water
  • Nigeria Youth Action for Water
  • Brazil Youth Parliament for Water: website
  • Togo
  • Benin
  • Mali
  • Senegal
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Moldova
  • Bulgaria
  • Central Asian Young Professionals Forum
  • European Youth Parliament for Water
  • Asia-Pacific Youth Parliament for Water
  • North American Youth Parliament for Water


The World Youth Parliament for Water is coordinated by the International Secretariat for Water.

The International Secretariat for Water (ISW) is an international non-governmental organisation created in 1990 in the context of the Decade for Water and Sanitation. Based in Montreal, the objective of the ISW is to facilitate the application of the four principles stipulated in the Montreal Charter on Drinking Water and Sanitation which are:

  • Access to water and sanitation is first and foremost a policy issue,
  • All actions in this field must be conceived in support to the populations concerne
  • Access to water must be integrated into an overall development approach,
  • All water related programmes must include the education and training of the populations.

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